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   Arbitrageur™ Advanced is a robust arbitrage software specifically designed to manage transactions on up to 10 MetaTrader 4 accounts/brokers. Arbitrageur™ Advanced performs order execution and manage open positions according to user-cofigurable business rules. It's sophisticated algorithms take advantage of multi core CPU, offering flexibility for hardware-side speed improvements and enhanced performance. With continuous processing architecture it is one of the most powerful, flexible and cost effective arbitrage software solutions of its kind.

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   Arbitrageur™ Advanced can be easily integrated with MetaTrader 4 by MT4 Api ( Application Programming Interface ) creating perfect workflow and processing environment. Our software keeps high standards based on functional requirements. User-friendly, multi-monitor, docking panels-based interface allows you to customize layout delivering important comfort during your hard work.

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   The system can unceasingly analyze all implemented aspects of arbitrage for all connected accounts/brokers. This software is able to detect even very short-lasting ( milliseconds ) arbitrage opportunities that are beyond human perception and are "hidden between candles". Once opportunity is discovered it applies predefined procedures in automated mode. 

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   AONet ( Arbitrage Opportunity Network ) enables you to make smart decisions that have a direct impact on your bottom line - informing you about current arbitrage opportunities from all over the world, immediately as they happen. This means that you are not limited to data acquired from brokers of your selection only.You get access to many Arbitrageur™ applications connected to MetaTraders/brokers around the world, selected individually by each Arbitrageur™ user ( real accounts only ). Such ideal solution lets you achieve the widest spectrum of received data, from unlimited amount of MT4 brokers. Based on this knowledge, it is possible to make right choice: select best brokers for your arbitrage needs. Exemplary data: discrepancy value, symbol names, order type, quotes, time, broker names...
|Value: 0.00062 |
|EURUSD       |Buy |1.25000 |2011.03.15-3:15PM |FXOper Markets
|EURUSDgbp |Sell |1.25062 |2011.03.15-3:15PM |FXCMax 
AONet in conjunction with Arbitrageur™ is a business solution that brings systems and people together to help run your trading business more efficiently. It is unique, comprehensive out-of-the box arbitrage platform with great capabilities and rapid deployment to get your organization up and running quickly and affordably.  More about AONet >>.

Several padlocks The whole set of effective loss protection functions and top-shelf features make Arbitrageur™ Advanced the leading arbitrage software. However, while the protection is robust, it isn't 100 percent foolproof - a shortcoming of all arbitrage systems - but built in capability of a quick and accurate reaction for fast changing market quotes, brings the cutting edge computer technology to it's users.

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