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   Arbitrageur™ Standard - first in our line of the most advanced and reliable arbitrage software available on the market. This specialized program keeps high standards which a trade must meet before it will initiate any execution. Arbitrageur™ Standard places orders fast and automatically, relying on own unique, complex algorithms. Arbitrageur™ Standard is capable to trade aggressively- Fast/Slow Strategy ( orders opened on slow broker only and closed immediately when in profit ) and conservatively- Discrepancy Strategy ( two opposite orders are opened, each on different broker ). Although aggressive arbitrage can bring fast profits, we recommend use of conservative approach which in our opinion is safer and long term better, sustainable option. More specifically, here's where you'll find room for improved efficiency:

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- Currency Arbitrage Strategy carries out analytics to get in and out of positions at peak times to ensure that they realize the maximum, possible profit.
- Because we don't care about market direction here open, opposite positions can be hold some time ( without risk ). It makes harder for broker to discover that you use arbitrage system.
- For better camouflage of arbitraging, our positions can be even closed by regular, "hard" Stop Loss / Take Profit calculated and adjusted automatically by program.
- In contrast to Slow/Fast Broker Strategy ( mostly profitable orders ), your transaction statement will consist of both profitable and unprofitable orders, so it looks like any other ordinary report.

Note: In case when one of your brokers is much more profitable than others you will just need to transfer money between accounts to keep them balanced.

   One of the great features which set Arbitrageur™ Standard apart from its other arbitrage software competitors is the fact that it is rich in options which ensure that whenever it is possible, you are constantly on the winning side of your trades, realizing maximum profit and saving you from potential losses.

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   The fact is, most of retail traders struggle to recognize and take advantage of real market direction. With properly executed arbitrage system we don't have to worry about that anymore. If you are looking for a way to improve your business processes in order to: implement low risk trading strategies, improve efficiency and the bottom line, please try out our best in class, feature rich: Arbitrageur™ Standard demo version.

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